Catching Trend Reversals

by David Weis (DVD 4-hr Set)

Produced by Dr. Alexander Elder

The Catching Trend Reversals video was filmed in 2007 at one of Dr. Elder’s traders’ camps held in the Dominican Republic where I was his guest instructor. Trend reversals refer to springs and upthrusts. Whenever I speak about trading and chart reading, I begin with the words “You can make a living trading springs and upthrusts.” Trading these setups represents the backbone of the Wyckoff method. It involves establishing trades at the danger point where the risk is least and profit potential the greatest. This video contains detailed studies of springs and upthrusts on both stock and futures charts—across all time periods.

Another section of the video deals with the areas on a chart where the highest frequency of trades appear. I compare finding trades to catching fish. Anyone who has fished in a fresh water lake knows the fish are found around the edges. It’s the same with trades. Most of them occur along the edges of the trading ranges. This video is highly regarded and most buyers regularly re-play it over and over for its valuable information.

Here’s what Alex has to say:

David is one of the most serious, creative, and experienced analysts working today. Everyone who has taken his class is changed by that experience. Once you sit in a class with David, you will forever be drawing “David Weis lines” on your charts, identifying levels where the uptrends run out of steam and turn down and downtrends fizzle out and turn up.
David is a classical market analyst and trader who watches support and resistance zones, the height of price ranges, the intensity or the shallowness of the volume bars. David has been one of the most popular instructors in our Traders’ Camps. We have been asking him for years to write another book and when he would not write it, we asked for permission to bring a video crew to a Camp and tape his presentation. This video has been tightly edited into four DVDs of just under one hour each. Their quality is excellent, and their visual tables of contents allow you to view the DVDs not only from start to finish but also to jump to any chapter that interests you.



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"Hands down, David’s Wave Chart is the most valuable trading tool I know."
— Dr.Gary Dayton, Trading Psychology Edge

"Your Weis Wave is truly amazing. If there is a secret weapon in the markets I think this is as good as it can get!"

— Chris G., Australia