The Stock Market Update

By David H. Weis

My free nightly report, The Stock Market Update, deals almost exclusively with S&P futures. In it, I refer to daily and intraday price/volume behavior based to a large extent on the methods of Richard Wyckoff.

Emphasis is also placed on what I call “the story of the lines” and how price interacts with these lines. The minor, intermediate, and long term trends are regularly featured. I display a variety of charts including the daily bar, 3-hour bar, point & figure, and the Weis Wave. Sometimes I focus on the inter-relationships between the S&P and the dollar, interest rate yields, and the trend of commodities.

The nightly report rarely covers more than one page and is considered by most readers to be a valuable source of technical information.

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"Hands down, David’s Wave Chart is the most valuable trading tool I know."
— Dr.Gary Dayton, Trading Psychology Edge

"Your Weis Wave is truly amazing. If there is a secret weapon in the markets I think this is as good as it can get!"

— Chris G., Australia