Meet David Weis

David-HDavid Weis is a trader and market analyst with 40 years experience in the futures markets. He started as a broker and analyst for ContiCommodities. Shortly thereafter he enrolled in the Wyckoff Course offered by the Stock Market Institute and became one of its leading practitioners.

Weis later served as the Director of Technical Research for ContiCommodities and wrote its weekly technical market letter. Later he edited the Elliott Wave Commodity Letter which was published by Robert Prechter. After four years, he began his own Technical Forces letter. He currently writes a nightly Stock Market Update based on the interpretation of price/volume behavior.

Weis’s latest book, Trades About To Happen, A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method (Wiley & Sons), was published in April 2013. This widely acclaimed work is recognized as a major contribution to the field of technical analysis. In it, Richard Wyckoff’s tape reading techniques of a century ago have been modified to fit today’s volatile markets. Weis is co-author of Charting the Stock Market, The Wyckoff Method and the author of a workbook entitled Trading with the Elliott Wave Principle, A Practical Guide.

Weis has devoted much of his time developing charting tools for intraday trading. These involve wave charts and volume along with unique ways of using point & figure charts. They are linked to Wyckoff’s writings. Lastly, Weis mentors traders around the world on his approach to using the Wyckoff method.

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"Hands down, David’s Wave Chart is the most valuable trading tool I know."
— Dr.Gary Dayton, Trading Psychology Edge

"Your Weis Wave is truly amazing. If there is a secret weapon in the markets I think this is as good as it can get!"

— Chris G., Australia